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USB Type C Top Mount Hybrid
P/N: IQW140149, USB type C receptacle, Top mount type,  and the footprint is one row SMT and one roe Dip
Pin Count: 24 pins Transmission 
Speeds: 10 Gbps 
Power Delivery Capacity:5A for connectors
Electronic Requirement 
1. LLCR: initial, 40 mΩ(MAX), max change 10 mΩ after environmental testing. 
2. Dielectric strength: 100 Volts AC(RMS) 
3. Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ(min) 

Mechanical Requirement 
1. Insertion Force:5-20N 
2. Extraction Force:8-20N 

Environmental Test Requirement 
1. Rohs compliance 
2. Temperature life: 105∘C/120 hours 
3. Thermal shock: -55∘C~85∘C/30 cycles, 30 mins/cycle
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